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My name is Adrian Chu.

I am a Hardware Validation Engineer with experiences in all phases of the project lifecycle from front-end design/pre-silicon verification to emulation and post-silicon validation. My focus is on testing full-chip, coherency, and interconnect architectures.

As an real estate developer, investor, and entrepreneur, my primary role is to enable partners to build wealth and become financially secure from real estate through opportunistic and value-added investment philosophies. I am also a licensed Real Estate Broker and Mortgage Loan Originator in the State of Washington.

I enjoy connecting people and helping others learn and grow. I have connected many job seekers with jobs and opportunities as well as companies with talent. I frequently participate in speaking engagements and curate professional development and social events in the Seattle area.

I am a proud graduate of University of Washington. GO HUSKIES!!

Feel free to say hello! Adrian(at)AdrianChu(dot)com

Here is what others have to say about me!

Adrian is a graduate of my 2012 CAAEN Leadership Program and a representative of Intel ACI group at CAAEN. He brought energy and enthusiasm to his cohort in the leadership program though his creativity, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and ability innovate. In one of his cohort projects, he led his team to launch, market, and run a very successful attended event, “Networking with your Brand”, bringing in notable speakers in to speak. Adrian stood out from the other students with his self-starter attitude by seeing the need for more media articles and social media content. He took time out of his busy schedule to attend additional CAAEN events as a reporter and wrote well written articles for our website and also our annual yearbook. Adrian is always eager to learn more and improve his skills and help out his peers in the process. He is sociable and makes friends easily, and is always there to help out when needed. Adrian will make a difference and add value to whatever project, event, or association he engages in, and I’ll highly recommend him for any project with his talents.
I've known Adrian since my UW days. He is a very motivated student, great with project coordination and highly intellectual. A great resource for different topics and I totally appreciate his being helpful with questions. Way to go !
Adrian is an excellent mentor! He helps me to understand the bigger picture of IT industry as well as the potential. He is insightful, proactive, and precise in delivering his thought. Adrian has demonstrated valueable skill combined with his insights to perform best in our work. I have no doubt to recommend Adrian will increase value of the company he works on! Salute!
Adrian was a very responsible teaching assistant for my Technology Entrepreneurship class (BIOEN504, spring quarter) and I was very delighted to have worked with him. He was always on top of the class, he organized the class schedules, always prompt with class emails, and always participated in the class. I just had a thrilling experience working with him and would assure that he can do these job extremely well!
I took several EE capstone classes with Adrian, I have also been his grader for one of his EE classes. From our interactions together, Adrian studies hard and got good grades in his classes. But something more valuable is his social ability. As one of hardcore officer at HKN and IEEE, Adrian raised several amazing activities. On those events, Adrian showed very strong leadership skills, ability to organize an event and communicate with others effectively. However, he did manage some super-successful events while at the same time keeping his GPA unaffected. I would definitely choose him to be my co-worker if I have the opportunity to choose in the future. And Adrian will be an excellent candidate for any organization.
I am happy to recommend Adrian who I had the pleasure of working with during the 7th annual UW Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GSEC). Adrian held a leadership volunteer position where he managed two roles: team ambassador where he served as a liaison for a non-UW GSEC team, and GSEC marketing co-chair where he developed the UW marketing plan for the 2011 program. I was impressed with Adrian's professionalism, creativity, and ability to follow through on various tasks. Adrian demonstrated the ability to work effectively both on his own and with colleagues. As GSEC marketing co-chair he surpassed his responsibilities and spearheaded innovations to the program.
Having known Adrian Chu from both college (University of Washington) and from interning with him at Boeing - I do not hesitate to recommend Adrian as a phenomenal employee and professional. Adrian is one of the hardest working and most motivated individual I've met. An engineer with an extraordinarily entrepreneurial spirit - Adrian is successful at everything he works on ranging from his day job as an Engineer to investments in the Real Estate market. Adrian would be a rare and valuable asset to any company!
I got to know Adrian at the University of Washington, Department of Electrical Engineering. We worked together in the Industrial Assessment Center Energy Research, performing energy efficiency assessments to small and medium-size manufacturing plants within the Pacific Northwest region. Adrian is very persistent, always produced result and met all project deadlines. Aside from his good work ethic and academic achievement, Adrian was also involved with a number of leadership development activities at UW, as well as internship position at Boeing, and being a real estate broker. I have no doubt that Adrian will be a good candidate for anything he desire to achieve.
Adrian and I spoke at several local community and social events organized by Boeing's REACH group and Intern arm. I was extremely impressed by his outgoing and dedicated personality, backed by his leadership skills, as seen in his dedication to the University of Washington's SEBA (Science and Engineering Business Association. Right off the bat, I knew that Adrian was an accomplished individual, and I knew that he would continue to achieve successes and go far in his career path.
I worked with Adrian on the Recent College Graduate board. Adrian brings great energy to any project. His strength lies in his ability to not only come up with great ideas but also in his ability to follow through on them. His diligence, creativity and hardwork helped transform the RCG organization into a vibrant community that we had envisioned.
Adrian is the Teaching Assistant, Program for Technology Commercialization at University of Washington Department of Bioengineering class. He did a very good job on the class and homework. He sent useful informations before the class and organized helpful discussions. He gave homework feedback in detail and on time. We appreciate the work he did for the class.
It was truly a privilege working with Adrian in a number of occasions, including the 2011 Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition and a technology commercialization project with the Department of Electrical Engineering. Adrian is an exceptionally intelligent student and entrepreneur. He is full of bright ideas that are very promising which I believe will become essential contributions to the world in the future. I firmly believe that with his outstanding qualities, Adrian will achieve success in his future works.
I have been fortunate enough to work with Adrian in the Science & Engineering Business Association (SEBA) at the University of Washington. Adrian is a highly self-motivated and independent individual who constantly sought out opportunities to take on leadership rolls within our organization shortly after joining, while balancing the rigorous curriculum of the electrical engineering program. His diverse skills and experience with accounting and finance, social media, and organization and logistics enabled him to execute and manage projects that met the goals of the organization; this work earned him a valuable leadership role as the Mentorship Program Director. In this role, Adrian demonstrated excellent organization and coordination, communication, and sincere ownership of his project that made the 2011 SEBA Mentorship Program the largest and most successful one to date. I am fully confident that Adrian will be a valuable asset and leader in any organization
I met Adrian in IEEE Student Branch at the University of Washington. As an officer of the organization, he coordinated several events that help student connect with company. In addition, He also raised the professional awareness of his fellow students. He is a self-motivated person and I believe he will be successful on any field he chose to do in the future.
Adrian not only has an outstanding academic record at the University of Washington, but his contribution to the Electrical engineering department as researcher, teaching assistant and student is undeniable. After getting to know him, he has clearly demonstrated the top qualities that any employer would be seeking. His language skills, diversity and international experience make him invaluable to any company. In addition, his knowledge, interest and experience in the business aspect of engineering is remarkable! Overall, Adrian is a well-rounded engineer, with excellent people skills as well as experience in leadership, communications, and international business. He is someone that will make a difference in this world and I highly recommend him!
Adrian is a highly self-motivated person and a hard worker. In our work in both class projects and as fellow officers in the IEEE student branch at the University of Washington, he has continuously demonstrated his enthusiasm and capability. He is undoubtedly an asset to the UW IEEE core leadership team and will be one for any in the future.
Adrian is a very efficient and knowledgeable teaching assistant. He did a great job of managing a class of over 100 engineers from a wide variety of backgrounds. He was quick to answer questions and grade homework. A good organizer and networker, I would not hesitate to recommend him. Orion Polinsky
I was constantly impressed with Adrian's diligence and dedication to his work. Among his many contributions to SEBA, the most significant was his management of the Mentorship Program. This position requires great organizational ability and interpersonal skills, and Adrian put together the most successful mentorship program we've had to date. I expect that Adrian's entrepreneurial drive will take him far, and I'm looking forward to see what he accomplishes next.
“I have had the opportunity to work with Adrian while at the Boeing plant in Renton, WA. Adrian has a variety of experience from his internship work within the aerospace/defense industry. His interest in engineering provide him with the necessary tools to create functional software as well as hardware for a variety of technologies. I believe that Adrian will have a successful career in work related to software development and hardware engineering.
Adrian is an accomplished student and is certainly poised for future success in the workplace. He demonstrated a strong work ethic in my class (Advanced Technical Writing and Oral Presentations for Engineers) and always turned in high quality work, as demonstrated by his ability to earn a 3.9/4.0 in my course. Adrian worked well with his team and regularly offered valuable contributions in class discussions. Adrian's involvement in the Science and Engineering Business Association (SEBA) at UW and his participation in the Deloitte Case Competition highlight his dedication to succeed as a working professional. I wish Adrian the best and would highly recommend him.
I knew Adrian through Linkedin. He is a kindness person who gave me some advices on career development. He is always patient to answer every question which I asked. I really appreciate his help.
I first met Adrian many years ago when he joined the UW's Science & Engineering Business Association (SEBA). Although he's an Electrical Engineer, he was able to guide the organization as they transitioned towards a better accounting and financial system. I was immediately impressed with his ability to get things done. Soon enough, he became the corporate liaison for IEEE and did an outstanding job. Most recently, Adrian has been leading SEBA's Mentorship Program. To be able to lead such a massive project requires dedication, effort, and organizational skills. He has taken all the information (such as student feedback, mentor biographies, contact information, and marketing materials) and provided them in a clean and organized way. This has helped me quickly organize the meetings with the mentors and mentees, benefiting everyone involved in the process. As mentioned before, Adrian is a doer -- pushing himself to get stuff done. From his own blog to the giant communities he has built on Facebook and LinkedIn, he brings people together. This is why I highly recommend Adrian.
I had the opportunity to work with Adrian on the planning committee for the Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition 2011. He expressed a high level of passion towards social entrepreneurship that was clearly seen throughout this period. He developed and delivered social media content that was beyond the scope of his responsibilities. Adrian's genuine personality to help others and earnest to make this event successful helped him gain the respect of his peers. I would highly recommend Adrian for any organization that is looking for a responsible, motivational, and creative individual.
I met Adrian during his endeavor at Boeing in the Summer of 2010. He is a highly motivated individual and has a strong work ethic. With skills in both Business and Engineering, he is a diverse individual that brings a different perspective to industry. Truly, his technical and personal skills are impressive, and I am confident he will be a valuable asset to future employers.
Adrian is a self-starting individual, skilled at networking and well spoken. He was very engaging in class discussions and eloquent in his writing, giving intriguing viewpoints from a diverse background. He was a pleasure to have in class.
Adrian is an extremely bright and hardworking individual who never ceases to amaze me by the numerous experiences that he has had. He is very creative and constantly thinking of the next project that can help his peers and society at large. He always would go above and beyond the call of duty, while balancing three or four other projects at the same time. In addition to his technical expertise, Adrian has also shown prowess in his interpersonal skills, which can be demonstrated by the many people he has connected with. Overall, Adrian is very talented and someone who will be doing big things in the future.
I recommend Adrian due to his hard-working work ethnics and drive for success
I meet Adrian during my internship at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. During my interactions with Adrian, I found his broad interest combined with technical background gave Adrian the ability to understand engineering problems with ease. I firmly believe Adrian knowledge and drive will allow Adrian to succeed in any field he choses.
Adrian is a classmate and close friend of mine. I am constantly impressed by his intellect, hard work, social network, and leadership. As a student at UW, Adrian took leadership roles in student engineering societies and was involved in research projects. He created the UW career network, though which students share internship advice. He is always eager to help students find internships, connect with others, and participate in activities where his leadership ability and technical knowledge will benefit others. Adrian is the best!
Over six quarters of teaching at the University of Washington, I have worked with over 180 engineering undergraduates. Adrian ranks highly among my students for his motivation and the consistent high quality of his work. He is a serious and mature student who works equally well in a team or independently. I am confident he will be successful in all of his endeavors.
As a SEBA mentor, I was immediately impressed with Adrian's thoroughness and professionalism. He organized and managed the entire mentor program and facilitated our mentor group's meeting. He was prepared with great questions. I expect Adrian will be a great success.
Working with Adrian in GSEC 2011, I found him as a person with great professionalism and efficiency. As GSEC Marketing Co-Chair, he developed a detailed marketing plan and successfully utilized every team member's individual and collective expertise to promote this event. He also served as Team Ambassador and several leading roles in student organizations. His success in striking a balance among various tasks demonstrates his quality of leadership and time management skills. It's been a real pleasure working with him as he is a responsible and multi-skilled team player.
I have known Adrian from back in our high school days. Well, I'm sure everyone else did too considering he was the student counsel president. However, that was definitely not the peak of his success. In the following years, I would attend North Seattle Community College with him as Running Start students and first-hand witness his drive to succeed. I was glad to find out that Adrian did not sidetrack from his aspiration to be an engineer even when we went to the University of Washington. On the contrary, I saw that he had even gotten involved in the business aspect of sciences; as shown by his active participation in the Science and Engineering Business Association (SEBA). Now hired at the Intel Corporation, Adrian still tries his best to help future graduates like myself. By braving through the heavy engineering coursework, constantly searching for ways to improve himself, and most importantly, helping others with no hesitation, I can proudly say that Intel has just gotten themselves a very valuable employee.
Adrian has done a remarkable job in SEBA, both as an active member and as the director of our mentorship program. As the director of the mentorship program, he flawlessly coordinated the placement of over 100 mentees with more than 20 mentors. He is remarkably well organized and very responsible. He is a valuable asset to any organization in which he is apart of.
Adrian possesses a unique skillset that would be a great addition to any team. His positive personality, experience, and dedication make him an ideal partner for anyone. I had the honor of having Adrian as a partner but he made an amazing mentor in the process. His traits would make him a valuable asset to any.
Adrian's dedication and commitment to any cause he undertakes is highly admirable. His drive to succeed is insatiable and i have witnessed his efforts to build up the SEBA mentorship program. While striving hard for himself, he has never failed to assist those around him in terms of achieving their career goals. His care for everyone around him makes him a great team-player, and i can assure that he gives nothing less than a 100% in all his duties.
Adrian orchestrated the SEBA mentorship program while I was a student at the UW. His work led to connect with people in industry that I would have missed otherwise. This acted as as springboard to launch my own career down the road. Adrian was helpful and committed to this program, in light of all the work he was doing on top of it. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an energetic, thoughtful engineer with interpersonal skills.
We worked as a team for Deloitte Case Challenge 2010. Adrian is very efficient in terms of researching and delivering information and he is adaptable to difference styles in a dynamic team environment. His multi-tasking skills impress me as he is under the pressure to complete so many projects while devoting a lot of time on the volunteer consulting project. I have no doubt that Adrian will acomplish whatever he desires in his life.
I have had the great pleasure of working with Adrian, interacting with him in the engineering lab, and developing not only a profressional relationship with him but a friendship. I admire his work ethic and style. From the few classes that we have taken together, I can say that Adrian is the type of person who will get the job done no matter how limited the time is or how impossible it might seem. When I would go into lab to finish a report or start on some homework, I would almost always see Adrian working on something related to his coursework or organization(s) he was involved with. I believe that Adrian would be a tremendous asset to any company. He is not only a great student and a hard worker, but a wonderful person to be around.
I had the pleasure to work with Adrian while we were both in our undergraduate studies at The University of Washington. During this time Adrian displayed a reliable work ethic, a knack for adaptability and a display of resourcefulness. What sets Adrian from every other student I have ever worked with is his versatility. He often finds creative solutions to problems as well as exploring problems from different angles that his numerous interests have given him. I have no doubt that Adrian will succeed in any position he is given a chance in.
Adrian is a talented, hard working and self-motivated individual. We went to the same college and transferred to University of Washington. He was a full time running start student during his junior and senior year in high school while taking a few other classes in his high school plus his athletic training. For this tremendous amount of time of school, he is still very passion about his work, and he never want to stop learning. He likes to take challenges and he had his own website/business a few years ago. He is a great business man that he has lots of creative ideas and his people skills is excellent. Adrian Chu will be an asset to any organization.
Adrian, as the corporate liaison of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) University of Washington Student Branch, has connected businesses with students in several events, including the Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC), helping students and businesses know more about each other. Especially on the social media, he spread news about career in electrical engineering, of which events enriches students' learning and of which job openings assists them progressing their profession into the next step.
I had the privilege to work with Adrian in formulating new ideas for the future of Hong Kong Student Association. I am thankful that Adrian proactively offered to volunteer his personal time and effort after hearing about some difficulties the Association was facing. Adrian utilized his extensive experience in multiple areas and presented solid recommendations. I am confident that Adrian will be a strong asset in any organization, especially with his enthusiasm to help others and learn.
Adrian is a focused, determined and forward thinking engineer with a strong business mindset. As a TA, he was quick to answer questions and help with student problems. He is also a dedicated student with a strong desire to accomplish class assignments and goals.
Having the chance to work with Adrian in the Deloitte Consulting Case Challenge was my absolute pleasure, as he is not only very intelligent, but he brought many insights and valuable research into the project. In addition, he is always positive and also enthusiastic to help his peers by explaining the technical concepts of the material. Until now, I am still very amazed by his extraordinary ability to balance school and campus activities, as well as work all at the same time. Adrian serves to be my role model, and I believe that he will contribute greatly to any organization that he associates himself with.
I have had the privilege of working with Adrian in and outside the classroom. In the classroom, Adrian is hard worker who puts his nose to the grindstone and completes tasks on time and before deadlines. Outside the classroom Adrian has been a valued officer of the UW IEEE organization, often taking the initiative and leadership to both plan and execute multiple events. Adrian continually amazes me with his outstanding multitasking abilities -- juggling school, several student organization positions and multiple lines of work. I have no doubt Adrian will be a valuable asset to any job or field of study he takes on.
Adrian is a self-motivated student who is always willing to improve his competitiveness and communication skills. Filled with confidence and enthusiasm when studying, Adrian is capable of working either independently or in groups. His practicality and efficiency in performing and accomplishing tasks sharpen his competitive edge to a further extent.
I studied with Adrian and had the privilege to know him as a friend. Adrian is a diligent student in the classroom. He has a strong will to learn and make improvements always; he demonstrates leadership skills whenever group work is needed. Outside of classroom, he strives to make contributions to the community and always seek out opportunities to sharpen his skills. He is a very resourceful person to turn to when it comes to helping out others.
Adrian is a very hard worker, and it shows in his work. I have worked with him in Electrical Engineering at UW, and whether it is on projects or homework, he gives it his all. We are both officers in IEEE at UW, and although not all officers are reliable and fully participate, Adrian can be counted on every time. I trust that he is a valuable asset to any company.
Adrian is a hard working person who instills excellence in everything he does, whether it be school, work, or extracurricular activities. He tries to not only meet standards but also exceed them. As a student, the time and effort he puts into his schooling is immense; as an employee, Adrian puts his best work into even the littlest things some people would consider miniscule. However, these characteristics do not set him apart as much as his personality --that is, who he is: hard working, enthusiastic, confident, tolerant and commited to excellence.
I have had several opportunities to work with Adrian in the past. He is a diligent student who brings a lot of energy to the classroom. His enthusiastic nature is like coffee shots to every one around him. He pushes himself and his peers into going out of their comfort zones and achieving difficult tasks. He is always engaged in extracurricular activities and always ready to explore new alleys. Adrian has always been a high achiever and a go getter in the school. I have no doubts that he will excel in any type of challenging work environment.
Adrian was a great member on a cutting edge research project about renewable energy sources. He was very knowledgeable in his field in addition to being a great team player. He did more than his share of work on electrical circuits and helped out other team members that were in other fields as well. I would highly recommend him for his future employment.
I had pleasure to work with Adrian Chu at the UW IEEE. Adrian is a dedicated individual that can be relied upon. He was very active in the UW IEEE chapter and always looked for new challenges to tackle. His role as IEEE's event coordinator showcased his abilities to organize, schedule, and take initiative. Mr. Chu is currently an asset to the UW IEEE core leadership team and will undoubtedly be one for any organization.
I worked with Adrian in the Deloitte Consulting Case Challenge. His knowledge and background in Electrical Engineering provides him the ability to analyze and understand complex ideas with ease. He is a great team player and his passions greatly influence other team members. I am certain that Adrian has the motivation, interest and ability to succeed and he would be a valuable contributor to any organization."
I had the privilege of being Adrian's mentor through a high school outreach program via the Foster School of Business. During his time in the program he was focused, dedicated, and showed strong leadership skills. I believe he would be an asset to any company.
Fine student who ended up utilizing classes through Running Start at the community college. A real go-getter with good follow through. Highly recommended. He was then a student at Roosevelt High School.
Adrian is a very passionate, energetic, creative and truly cares about his friends and colleagues.

Hardware Engineer | Real Estate Entrepreneur | People Connector