Tips to Building a Professional Brand

This was previously published as a page, but it seemed to make more sense as a blog post instead. (WordPress, the blogging platform that runs on, distinguishes between the two).

I’ve been asked many times.. what is a good way to build a professional brand? As a result, I decided to compile a list that will be updated periodically to reflect new ideas. Feel free to contribute. Drop a comment. Although it is not set up like so, this is meant to be a collaborative wiki-type page.

Make a Linkedin Profile. Add everyone you know. Devote less of your internet time on Facebook and more on Linkedin. Check out people’s profiles. See who your friends know. See who friends of your friends know. Join groups that relate to your field. Read the discussion posts. Participate in them. Better yet, create a group and try to get members to actively participate. Is there one for your alma mater or school? Remember, as a group owner, you get much more visibility within your own group. Set goals for yourself. Once you get over 500 connections on Linkedin, your profile will simply say 500+. Make this your goal and you will be part of a distinguished group of individuals.

Connect with me.

Learn how to add your Facebook friends on Linkedin.

Attend a networking event. This is a good way to meet people. And talk (or practice talking) to people. There are many people who have the same technical abilities as you. Now, what differentiates your skill set from another person is your ability to communicate.

Have lunch with somebody who is going in the direction you want to move in.

Build a career portfolio. There are a number of reasons you should do this. Check it out here.

For UW students in science and engineering: The SEBA Mentorship Program. Apply before Monday, December 9, 2011.

More ideas to come. Please feel free to make any suggestions as well. Adrian (at) AdrianChu (dot) com. Thank you.


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