The Feeling of Change

It is the seventh week of Autumn quarter at the University of Washington. HCDE 333 has been a rewarding class. During the past seven weeks, we had the opportunity to work on a fine tune skills in various important documents. So far, this class has changed my abilities and provided me with a number of valuable skills that can be applicable after graduating.

I received wonderful feedback in improving my resume and cover letter. We had the opportunity to prepare and make an effective proposal package (in both written and Power Point formats). Also, since this class began, I have gotten in the habit of updating my blog more frequently. I feel more comfortable in writing blog posts as well as working in team-based writing projects. Through this class, I have gotten more exposure in leveraging web-based productivity tools like Dropbox and Google Docs.

The other benefit of collaboration is the opportunity to network. Through this class, I have had the chance to work with a number of new people and learn to adapt to team working environments. The structure of the class provided us the chance to work with our project team for the majority of the course on a number of different projects. Having worked with a group of four other people, I have no hesitation that I would want to work with them again on future projects outside of this class.

Although at times I do feel nervous when delivering a presentation, this class has given me the chance to practice more and see what areas I can improve on. Sometimes I may get too involved in the presentation and deliver it extra dramatically. As discussed before, presentations are important in school as well as in the work place.

So, overall, change is good.

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