Spring Break Updates

Sorry for the brief hiatus in posting. These past months have been extraordinarily busy. So, I’d like to take this opportunity to update you in some projects I have been involved in:

Digital IC Design

Most recently, I have been taking E E 476 and E E 477, VLSI I and II, the senior year classes for the Digital VLSI circuit design track at the University of Washington. In this course, we worked on designing a number of integrated circuits using Cadence Virtuoso from schematic to layout. An example of projects we have worked on include:

1. 10 bit x 10 bit modified Booth encoding multiplier;
2. 20 bit fast Kogge-Stone tree adder;
3. 256 bit SRAM and;
4. multi-functional arbiter

SEBA Mentorship Program

For my work in the Science & Engineering Business Association (http://www.uwseba.org), I have been coordinating the Mentorship Program designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students in the engineering and science fields the opportunity to network with professionals in the Seattle area. This year, we had over 130 student applicants and 21 mentors participating in the program. I’d like to thank each of the mentors for their involvement in the program:

Andrew Steiner
Brett Gaspers
Brian Albarran
Carl Weissman
Christopher Porter
Dan Freeman
Jeff House
Jeff Miller
Lisa Meyr
Lisa Oelsner
Martin Wilson
Max Effgen
Palash Islam
Rainer Kuehling
Rob Newton
Ryan Bergsman
Saqib Rasool
Scott Bright
Shawn Plaster
Tom Gorey
Warren Michalsen

UW IEEE Student Professional Awareness Conference

As Corporate Liaison for the UW Student Branch of IEEE, we held the Student-Professional Awareness Conference on February 24. It was a catered dinner and networking opportunity along with a presentation by keynote speaker Paul Kostek. Unfortunately, there was some snow in the Greater Seattle area that evening. On behalf of the IEEE Student Branch at UW, I’d like to thank the students for attending and the corporate attendees who made their effort to make this event possible: Intel, Boeing, Accenture, Crane Aerospace and Amazon.com.

Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition

This year, I served as Marketing Co-Chair and Team Ambassador for the 2011 UW Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition. As Marketing Co-Chair, I worked with the Public Relations team at the Foster School of Business to work on outreach efforts for the competition from a student’s perspective. Additionally, I had the privilege to write a guest post for the blog Foster Unplugged (http://www.tinyurl.com/AdrianChuGSEC). As Team Ambassador, I represented the University of Washington as a liaison for the MIT team Sanergy (http://www.saner.gy) who ended up winning the grand prize. Congratulations to Sanergy!

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