How your choice of words reflect you as a person

Over the years, I have been active in curating events and programs for students that encourage personal and professional development.  In particular, I try my best to share experiences with students from my alma mater, University of Washington.  A few days ago, a student from UW reached out to me on LinkedIn, in an effort to recruit me to join his team for a well-known multi-level marketing / MLM program (kudos for taking initiative, by the way).

However, what is your first impression when you see this thread?


I have nothing against MLM programs.  Many people have been quite successful from these business opportunities.  I have nothing against the sender of this message either.  His effort in taking initiative to contact me shows that he is driven and ambitious and should be praised.  

However, my main concern is about a person’s ability to effectively communicate.  Perhaps it is a language barrier issue.

One key point: Think about how the other person will respond to words you use… It reflects who you are as a person.

And here are  my thoughts, captured inline.


Despite negative connotations associated with MLMs, perhaps one can shed some light on the benefits of it.  Diverting one’s attention or avoiding the “Amway” keyword won’t help you become successful.  Perhaps his one-up followed this strategy too and didn’t fully disclose this to him.

Another key point: Embrace your brand.  If you can’t, don’t even bother selling it.  Why sell something you hate?

Whenever you try to sell something, figure out the value proposition of what you are offering.   How does what you offer add value to others?

Have you come across any similar interesting experiences?  More importantly, what can we do to help others succeed in today’s society with personal connections or in the business world?

Feel free to share in the comments below!

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  1. I think the wording in his message indicates that whatever his business proposition is, it is likely difficult to sell others on.

    His messaging seems to indicate a ‘hard sell’ approach, where exclusivity and secrecy are meant to incite interest. He may be protective and/or sensitive about the subject matter, as well, especially if he has not yet achieved success in this endeavor.

    It seems like he may have read into your one-word response, assuming that you would be dismissive of his offer. Maybe you would, maybe you would not, but the terseness of your reply may have been what put him on the defensive.

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